Can you navigate your PC files without Windows Explorer ? Most of the persons will say it is too much difficult. Windows Explorer is a well expandable file browser installed into the computer when operating system installation. Apple will not provide this kind of application with their iOS. 

iFile is also File browser Application for Apple devices, this is also most wanted application for users who are using all kind of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. iFile is acting major role with these devices. iFile is only ready for jailbreak devices, Therefore you cannot use iFile without Cydia application. If you need to install Cydia for your device, please use
You can navigate system root through any location easily using this application. Also this application has an ability to access system root as well as change system files. Ex :- You can change functions of iOS using system files editing, also hack some of the games, install .deb files. (Please change system files if you have proper knowledge about relevant field. Because this will cause to damage iOS or files).
Support Devices

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 

Support iOS versions

Ios 7.X, 6.X, 5.X, 4.X, 3.X, 2.X

iFile Developer

Carsten Heineld

Price             File Size

$ 4.00         15908 kB
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Note for Users

Please use above link to download iFile to any device. iFile is not available with iTunes. Perhaps you can see many files related with iFile. But you cannot feel real iFile features by using fake applications. You cannot fine any alternative application for iFile.
How to install iFile

Open Cydia application, then search as iFile. Then you can install iFile by clicking install button. This Youtube video will show some features of iFile and how to use iFile. Now you are ready to break Apple iOS restrictions and feel real features of Apple devices with thousands of applications like iFile.